All Homenoise Effects pedals come with a two-year warranty. In case your pedal breaks down within two years of purchase, please fill out the RMA request form. Once you completed and sent in this form I will try to get back to you as quickly as possible.

What is not covered?

• Damage to the enclosure, graphics, knobs, hardware or footswitches
• Damage caused by abuse or attempts at modifications
• Packaging and accessories

If your damaged product is not covered by warranty, you can still request repairs but all costs have to be paid by the owner of the product.

Shipping, handling & customs

All shipping, handling and customs costs are to be paid by the owner of the product.

Products bought at dealers

If you bought your Homenoise Effects product at a dealer, your product is still covered and in case of damage you can request repairs/replacement. You will have to provide a proof of purchase. (i.e. bill, invoice, ...) This is required to determine the date of purchase and whether or not your product is still covered.

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