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Serpent Cult (Out of stock)

  • Serpent Cult (Out of stock)
  • Serpent Cult (Out of stock)
  • Serpent Cult (Out of stock)
  • Serpent Cult (Out of stock)

The Serpent Cult is no longer available and will be getting an update in 2019.

Introducing the Serpent Cult fuzz. A very high gain pedal that in terms of dirt, fuzz and gain kind of starts where other standard fuzz boxes stop. The circuit is very loosely based on an old Belgian effect called the Fuzz Machine. Of course most of the electronics have been altered and modified to what the Serpent Cult is right now. At the heart of the pedal there's a couple of silicon transistors producing all the noise your healthy brain normally tells you to run away from.

As far as controls go there's the usual Fuzz and Volume controls which don't need further explanation. In the middle of the pedal you'll find the BIAS control with which you can set the texture of the fuzz. With the FUZZ all the way to the left it will create a slightly gated effect. On both sides of the BIAS control there are switches. The CUT switch shapes the signal going into the fuzzy part of the Serpent Cult and the LOW controls the amount of added low end frequencies.

This pedal uses true bypass and works with standard 9V DC power supply (not included).

Serpent Cult

€ 175,00

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