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Hej, my name is Willem and Homenoise Effects is a passion/hobby project that I started in 2015 when I was still living in Leuven, Belgium. I actually got my first taste of tinkering with guitar electronics back in 2008 when my dad got me into a pedal building workshop. The effect we made was some strange CMOS guitar synthesizer that used a photo-resistor to control the frequency of a ring modulator, a truly weird circuit. This workshop was a kind of revelation and got me into building kits of pre-existing stompboxes and eventually I moved on to designing my own circuits. At the same time as doing this, I started working as an electronics repairs technician at a large event production and rental company where I had the pleasure of working on some high end professional audio equipment. This of course was a source of inspiration and knowledge. I learned how the devices that lasted for years being heavily used on the road were built and how to incorporate those findings into my own creations. I've always been into experimental music and the Black Lodge allowed me to think past what I was used to doing, so it felt right to share this creation with the rest of the world. That's how Homenoise Effects eventually came to be.

Fast forward three years to 2018 and my wife and I decided to move to Denmark. Obviously the whole workshop moved along with the rest of our stuff, and since 2018 Homenoise Effects is operating from Spørring, Denmark.

To this day I build pedals as a hobby and a passion while still working a daytime job and trying to be a responsible husband and father. I build pedals whenever it feels right and whenever I find the time. So there will be times when you won't see any new stock for months and other times when there will be pedals put up for sale every few weeks. But this allows me to keep the passion for building pedals and to put my heart and soul into every pedal that I build.

All Homenoise pedals are designed with high quality, durability and sonic exploration in mind and are built by hand in Spørring, Denmark.

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