Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are Homenoise Effects pedals all handmade?

Yes, all pedals that come out of the workshop are carefully handmade.

Q: What are the possible payment methods when ordering from the webshop?

European customers have 3 payment options: Credit card, Mollie and Bank Transfer. For European customers Mollie includes Paypal, Sofort and Bancontact (Belgium only).
U.S. and Canadian customers have 2 payment options: Credit card and Paypal (through Mollie).
Please not that for every Credit card payment you will be charged an additional 3% fee and for every Mollie payment an additional 2% fee.

Q: My pedal broke down, what do i do?

If you bought your effect less than 2 years ago and you're the original owner, your pedal still has warranty and will be repaired for free. If it's not covered by warranty, you can still request a repair but youwill be charged for the repair costs. You can request a repair filling out the RMA Request form. Shipping costs should always be paid by the customer.

Q: Do you make clones as custom effects for customers?

No, if you want the sound of the original my advice would be to get the original. It is possible to get your own completely modified version of an existing effect.

Q: I really like one of your pedals, but I'd like it to have more possibilities.

If you'd like a customised version of one of the pedals, don't hesitate to ask. I cannot guarantee that I'll be able to perform the modification (for various reasons), but there's always something that could bechanged!

Q: What are effects like the Black Lodge based upon?

Every Homenoise pedal is built up from scratch and is based on an idea rather than an existing effect. My main inspiration is of course music but also the sounds coming from our surroundings.

Q: Do you build and sell amps?

No, only effects!

Q: Why is there only 1 model for sale?

First of all I like to take my time when designing effect. There are a lot of prototypes and filled up breadboards at the workshop, but they are all a work in progress. On the other hand, besides building pedalsI also work a fulltime job as a service technician at a big pro audio/lighting/video equipment rental company. This means all effects are designed, built, tested and shipped during the night or the weekend.