The company

Homenoise Effects is a small one man company dedicated to building effect pedals with its workshop located in Leuven, Belgium. The effects I offer range from a selection of effects designed by the company and assembled in small batches, to custom effects built to meet the customer's requirements. Every effect I make is a project that's based on an idea and is built up from scratch. This allows me to create unique, handmade pedals that help you create your own sound.

The effects

Every Homenoise pedal uses high quality components and is made by hand at the workshop in Leuven.

Engraving the enclosures is done using a CNC-engraving machine.

Black Lodge Engraving

The circuit boards are manufactured and soldered at the workshop.

Black Lodge PCB

The pedals are carefully assembled in small batches, followed by a lot of testing.

Black Lodge Batch