Some updates...

- Preorders for the new batch of Black Lodge V1.2's will be going online soon. This new Black Lodge will change in hardware and price but the sound will remain exactly the same.
- After the current stock of Deep Spaces is sold out, production of those will stop for a while so I can work on a new version. There are only a few left in stock, so this is your last chance to get your hands on one of them!


The Black Lodge auction is live!

To keep it short and clear, you can find the auction on this link.


Last engraved Black Lodge auction.

Because there has been quite a lot of requests for the old engraved version of the Black Lodge I decided to build one more of these. After a quick poll on Instagram it was quite obvious that most of you wanted it to be auctioned instead of the usual first come first serve way of selling pedals. The auction will go live this Monday (5/11) at 10pm CET on Ebay. You can find it on this link.


New artist on the artist page: Echo Arcadia

Echo Arcadia is up on the artist page as well! This Scottish band makes some really beautiful music and have a new album coming out soon. Visit the artist page, click on their picture and cancel whatever you had planned for the next hour. Thanks so much, Echo Arcadia!


New artist on the artist page: Ginsu Wives

Ginsu Wives has been added to the artist page! Their music is dark and damn fine, just as Cooper likes his coffee. Go over to the artist page, click on their picture and have a listen. Thanks for the support, Ginsu Wives!


New artist on the artist page: TYNT

A new artist has been added to the website! They're called TYNT and are located all the way in Hong Kong. Be sure to visit the artist page and have a look at what they're all up to by clicking their image. Thanks for the support, TYNT!


Last Belgian made Black Lodge has been sold!

The very last Belgian made Black Lodge has been sold, production for the new Danish production models will start soon. Right before that there will be a couple of Black Lodges with engraved boxes for sale on our Reverb shop. If you're looking to order a Deep Space or Serpent Cult, you're still in luck! There are still a couple of these in stock.


Goodbye Belgium... Hello Denmark!

As of today we officially moved to Århus, Denmark. It will take some time before business is running at a normal level. I still have some Belgian made pedals and t-shirts for sale in the shop, which are available for order. For now all shipping will still be handled from Belgium so there's no change in the shipping costs yet. This will change when new batches are made and sold.

IMG_2616 2


Homenoise t-shirts have arrived in style!

At Homenoise we believe everyone should try limit their ecological footprint and that everyone is entitled to a fair payment for the work they deliver. So after a long time looking for the right people to print the designs and the right manufacturer, Homenoise t-shirts are finally a thing! Check them out at the shop.

TShirt Landscape TShirt Logo


Deep Space review by Pedal Of The Day

Pedal Of The Day has written an in depth review and made an interesting video of the Deep Space. You can read the full version and watch the video by clicking on the image below. Thanks guys!

PedalOfTheDay Deep Space Review Screenshot


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