Homenoise is relocating to Århus, Denmark.

Homenoise Effects will be moving North soon... Read the full announcement here.

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The Serpent Cult has been restocked!

Order yours now on the webshop or on Reverb.



Emerald Treble Booster (B-Stock) up for trade!

Putting this B-Stock Emerald Booster (Serial # ZERO) up for trade. The only flaw is the grey on the box that's not the correct kind of grey, it's darker than on the other Homenoise pedals.

Not looking for any specific effect but I will only consider pedals that are in 100% working condition.

If you're interested, just send me an email with your offer and if possible a picture though the contact page. This offer lasts until Juli 8th of 2018



Try the Black Lodge at Summer Namm 2018!

If you're visiting this year's Summer NAMM, be sure to pass by booth 1159 and give the Black Lodge a try!

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The Black Lodge and Serpent Cult are back in stock!

Join Thulsa Doom's evil Serpent Cult or find your way through the Black Lodge... Order yours now on the webshop or on Reverb.



Reverb shop back online!

Good news everyone! The Homenoise Reverb Shop is up and running again! My sincere apologies for any inconvenience this has caused.

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Reverb shop offline...

Due to some technical issues, the Reverb shop is currently offline. It should be back online in a few days. Ordering is still possible through the webshop.


New Black Lodge demo added to the website.

A new demo of the Black Lodge has been uploaded by MrExcane. This one shows you some of the more experimental options like using a bitcrusher in the FX-loop and more... You can watch it on the Black Lodge shop page and on Youtube. Really worth checking out. !yojnE


New Deep Space demo online!

The first Deep Space demo is up on Youtube! You can also watch it on the Deep Space shop page and on Youtube. Special thanks to Abunchofpedals for this beautiful, in depth demo!


Deep Space manual is available.

The Deep Space manual has been uploaded to the website. Please read this small manual before using your Deep Space. It can be very helpful!

Deep Space Manual Screenshot